Next Steps

Next Steps

Integrating Zendesk and PagerDuty#

Improve customer experiences and increase internal team collaboration by integrating your customer service tools with the PagerDuty tools your engineering teams are already using to monitor and respond to incidents on your platforms. Providing your customer service teams with powerful integrations from within their own apps gives them a powerful tool without leaving their workspace to find the right services or teams to alert when a customer reports an issue.

PagerDuty for Zendesk facilitates cross-team communication between ITOps, DevOps, and your customer service teams. Communication silos are broken down, allowing you to mobilize the right resources across teams, in real time, every time.

Find the full documentation to set up this integration in our knowledge base

Once PagerDuty and Zendesk are linked, Zendesk users can interact with PagerDuty incidents, including creating, acknowledging, and resolving the incidents. Customer service team members can also add notes, such as additional customer data, or send a status update to internal users that might be subscribed to the incident.

Zendesk users can also trigger PagerDuty incidents from within Zendesk leveraging our new incident command console (pictured below) as well. When creating a new service in PagerDuty, integrate the service with Zendesk. That service will then receive information via Zendesk Triggers.

Zendesk Triggers in PagerDuty

Our recent release of our integration with Zendesk includes a status dashboard and console to instantly make agents and key stakeholders aware of critical outages and issues impacting customers, while giving them the power to drive action immediately (pictured below).

Zendesk Status Dashboard in PagerDuty

Integrated services are also able to create tickets in Zendesk via the PagerDuty platform.

Integrating Salesforce and PagerDuty#

With PagerDuty for Customer Service + Salesforce, organizations will have the context needed to deliver accurate solutions. This includes mobilizing the right teams and technical responders with customer service representatives to resolve issues quickly, and keep customers updated with the latest information. By implementing PagerDuty for Customer Service + Salesforce, technical responders can empower customer support teams to deliver amazing service around the clock to truly help customers by:

PagerDuty and Salesforce Capabilities

Once a Salesforce Cloud object is connected to your PagerDuty instance, new record creations and updates on that object are evaluated against rules that you predefine. If the rule criteria is met, PagerDuty will perform actions specified by those predefined rules.

PagerDuty can also send information to Salesforce Cloud, where you can define the evaluation criteria against the updates made in PagerDuty and select an action to be performed in Salesforce Cloud.

Find the full documentation to set up this integration in our knowledge base.